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Discover YogLeads – Your Ultimate Lead Management Solution!

YogLeads stands as leading-edge management software, providing in-depth insights into businesses listed on Google Maps, encompassing crucial details such as GST information and turnover statistics. By leveraging YogLeads, teams can seamlessly expand their business horizons through efficient prospecting and lead generation, fostering exponential growth.


Conducting thorough evaluations of prospects becomes a breeze with YogLeads. This tool goes above and beyond by enriching business leads with vital information, including company names, GST numbers, turnovers, employee counts, phone numbers, email IDs, website URLs, and social media links.

Administrators can effortlessly extract all these details into an Excel file or even send WhatsApp messages directly to prospects from the platform. YogLeads empowers your team with the tools needed to propel your business forward through robust lead management. Experience the ease and efficiency of YogLeads today!

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