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Crossover Dual is smartGyro's extremely powerful electric scooter, the SpeedWay, is a synonym for speed, resistance, and comfort. With a range of 45km, a potent 800W motor with 3 driving modes, 10" tyres, strong double-disc brake system, and double suspension make it the ideal electric scooter.
SmartGyro Crossover Dual electric scooter, the ultimate powerhouse that redefines your riding experience. With dual 500W motors, this scooter delivers a combined 1000W of power for extraordinary performance and versatility. The SmartGyro Crossover Dual is designed to conquer any terrain and provide a seamless urban commute. Key Features: Dual Motor Dominance: The SmartGyro Crossover Dual is equipped with two 500W motors, offering a total of 1000W. This dual motor setup provides exceptional power and control, ensuring you can tackle steep slopes and challenging terrain effortlessly. (Max speed limited according to the rules of the country of purchase). Versatile Front-Wheel Drive: The front-wheel drive can be easily disconnected to extend the scooter's autonomy. This feature allows you to enjoy a smoother ride and conserve battery when needed. All-Terrain Prowess: This scooter is a true all-terrain conqueror, thanks to its robust construction and innovative design. It features double front and rear suspension, shock absorbers, and 10 All Road pneumatic wheels, ensuring a comfortable and stable ride on various surfaces. Enhanced Safety: The SmartGyro Crossover Dual places a strong emphasis on safety. It's equipped with two disc brakes, providing reliable stopping power, even at high speeds. The scooter also features a front LED spotlight and a rear light for improved visibility in low-light conditions. Long-Lasting Battery: With a 13 Ah 48V battery, this scooter boasts an impressive range of up to 40 kilometers on a single charge. You can explore your city or commute with peace of mind, knowing you have the power to go the distance. Multifunction Display: The multifunction display offers three gears and motor disconnection, allowing you to customize your ride to your preferences and needs. High-Quality Construction: The SmartGyro Crossover Dual is built to last. Its durable construction ensures it can withstand the rigors of urban and off-road adventures, making it a reliable choice for all riders.  If you need assistance in selecting the right e-scooter, call Juan at +34 672 172 305. He is one of our experts, ready to help you clear any doubts.

Smartgyro Crossover Dual Electric Scooter Black

SmartGyro Crossover Dual Pro Electric Scooter


Patinete eléctrico smartGyro CROSSOVER DUAL PRO – Reopatin

Patinete SmartGyro CrossOver Dual Max LR

Smartgyro Crossover Dual Electric Scooter Black

SMARTGYRO Crossover Dual PRO Scooter elétrico 2 motores de 800 W de 48 V (1600 W)

Patinete eléctrico SmartGyro CROSSOVER DUAL PRO


Smartgyro Crossover Dual Max


Patinete Eléctrico SmartGyro Crossover Dual MAX Homologado DGT - MyUrbanScoot

SmartGyro Crossover Dual Pro - Movelectrica - Movilidad eléctrica

SmartGyro Crossover X2 PRO

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