HiFiBerry DAC+ ADC


Our HiFiBerry DAC+ ADC combines our well-know DAC+ with an analogue input. Both input and output support sample rates up to 192kHz.

HiFiBerry DAC+ ADC

HifiBerry DAC+ ADC (Pro) case for RPi 4 by PieterB, Download free STL model

Use OpenAuto Pro with HiFiBerry DAC

HiFiBerry DAC+ ADC Pro : Electronics

Print your DAC+ ADC case

HiFiBerry DAC+ standard – RCA version

HiFiBerry DAC+ ADC

The new DAC+ ADC Pro


Raspberry-Pi audio hat with onboard audio INPUT (ADC) Audio output: DAC+ @ 192 kHz - Stereo Audio input: ADC @ 192 KHz - Stereo, Pre-amplifier

HifiBerry DAC+ - ADC Input

HiFiBerry 2×2 Add-on for DAC+ DSP

HiFiBerry DAC+ RCA Version : Electronics

This is our HiFiBerry DAC+ with a pair of RCA jacks. It can be simply plugged onto your Raspberry Pi, it does not need any soldering.

HiFiBerry DAC+ standard - RCA version

HiFiBerry DAC+ RCA light - sound card for Botland - Robotic Shop

HiFiBerry DAC+/ADC Raspberry Pi 4 Steel Case V2 - Black

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